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Musician’s Friend – Interaction Designs

Interaction Designs complete with video, interactive product slider, and photo gallery. This leads to a month long "Percussion Month" landing page offering the best percussion deals, designed to change weekly to draw customers back for more. Included in this campaign, a cover artist, Eric Singer, landing page featuring a video of a personal interview with Eric Singer including discussion about his featured percussion gear. This worked so well, we carried the concept through to "Technology Deal Month" with continued success of returning customers.Permalink

Bear Creek Corporation – Jackson & Perkins Direct Mail Catalogs

While web designer at Bear Creek Corporation, contributed to the catalog print team enjoying the diversity offered by this expanded role.Permalink

Harry and David’s – In Store Email Specials

"Very Cosmopolitan" email features appetizers and Cosmo Martini mix. "Chip, Dip and Sip Party" email features appetizers, salsa and Margarita mixes. Father's Day "Moose Munch Sale" featuring all newly released flavors. Combining many images in PhotoShop to look as if they were from one single composite photo.Permalink

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